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I want to go to Mauritania… !!!

Assallammualaikum & hi everybody!

I’ve been quite buzy these two to three days, but I really cant stop writing abt this interesting article that I’ve found and watched in Oprah.

We all are fully aware that the beauty trend in Malaysia is that the skinnier you are the better it is as the thinner girls are considered beautiful & pretty compared to the beefy and voluptuous ladies.

Well, I really agree with this as I also feel the pressure to be thin & slander.  I come from a family whereby our genes are “tall & big”, or in a more understandable words, “extra more pounds and height”.  My mother is a Baba Chinese, whereas father is from a mixed parentage of Pakistan, Bugis, India and Malay.  So, me and my sisters are like “rojak”.. hehehe.. My mother and sisters and me are approximately 5 feet 7 and 5 feet 9..  And we weight more than the ordinary Malays.   It was tough growing up to be fat and big, despite of our healty routines in food and sports (my mother, my sisters and I are athletes, presenting Malacca in netball, hockey and shot putt).. We are so used to the words like “gemok, giant, debab, tembam, fatty” and all sorts of disgusting and annoying words..  Well, we cant blame anybody because it is the trend here in Malaysia.  The media are focusing and stressing that only thin girls are beautiful and deserved to be loved… So the mentality of the people can hardly be changed… But I guess if the situation is the same like in Mauritania, then maybe we already got hundreds of marriage proposals!! You know why?  In Mauritania, the more pounds you have, the more chances of you getting married and be the centre of attraction to the men over there!!  I’ve watched Oprah regarding this topic in her search of Beauty Definition around the World…

I provide here the article that I found in Oprah.com.

“In the United States and many countries around the world, thin is the standard when it comes to beauty. But in a West African country halfway around the world, bigger is definitely better. Mauritania is a desert oasis that sits on the northwest coast of Africa. Here, a woman’s beauty is revered—but thin isn’t in. In Mauritania, plump is sexy!

While it might sound nice to throw dieting out the window, it’s not all pleasant. For generations, young girls were subjected to the practice of gavage—or force feeding—in order to fatten them up and make them more desirable. In Mauritania, many say the more you weigh, the better chances of you have of finding a husband.

Although force feeding is now frowned upon by the government, old habits die hard in remote areas of the country. Some young girls spend hours each day in the stifling heat, forced to stuff themselves with couscous and high-fat camel’s milk. Vomiting only leads to another helping of food.

Even in Mauritania’s more progressive cities, some women are willing to do anything for a fuller figure, including buying black-market drugs meant for animals.

Houda, a woman who grew up in Mauritania, says her father is a doctor who sees the negative effects of the country’s big idea of beauty. “My father deals every day with women with serious, serious health issues such as high blood pressure,” she says. Even though the problems associated with obesity, like high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes are prevalent, Houda says that doesn’t deter women from wanting a big body. When you’re skinny, you’re even considered as sick or there’s something wrong with you,” she says. “Women that are fat, they’re really happy.”

Thick ankles, plump arms and a big butt are considered the most beautiful parts of a woman, Houda says. And don’t worry if you have a few stretch marks—the men in Mauritania love ’em! (I really love this part.. heheheh)

Not only are extra pounds considered sexy—Houda says being divorced will win you extra points with the men too! “In Mauritania, you just get divorced and there’s a feast, a party—and the more you get divorced, the more you’re seductive,” Houda says. “That means that a lot of men want to be with you.” (another point that i like 🙂 )

“So if you are divorced with stretch marks and a big butt, Mauritania is calling your name!” Oprah jokes.

Yeaahhhhhhhhhaaa!!  Maybe I should consider moving to Maurtiania together with my mom is sisters.. heheheheheh.. Its really interesting to know this fact.  (Fyi – this is a Muslim country).  Of course, we know, being fat is unhealty, but who says the skinny people does not have any disease as well?  Who can give such a guarantee???  I know this guy who has been teasing me by calling me “Gemuk” everday at school, a skinny tall guy, who thinks he is really healthy but now end up in IJN having a heart disease and on the other hand, Alhamdulillah, I am still healthy & happily married!!!

Girls, if you are reading this article & having problems with your weight and thinking that nobody will fall in love with you just because you are fat, you are absolutely wrong.. Look at me, i’m fat, but I’m married to a wonderful loving husbdand!!  Pure Love does not exist because of your looks, your weight or your height.. It comes from deep inside, from your heart.. So, if you come across any rude or “mentally disordered” guy who keeps on teasing you abt your weight, then just hut him up with a slap, or tell him this – you are not worth anything as you are teasing and undermining the creation of Allah..  🙂

To all those guys who likes to tease and make fun of girls or women like me, just think abt this – ALL of us are the same before him, despite of how we look… They may be fat, but they may be the ones who will be in heaven!

I hope this article means something to all of you.. Remember, Beauty is only skin deep.. It wont last forever.. Beauty is always in the eyes of  beholder..

p/s: I might consider having a vacation in Mauritania soon.. ehehehehhe 😉

Ramai rupanya yang mahu jadi lelaki hebat!!

Alhamdulillah..   Sambutan hari pertama untuk ebook panduan cinta lelaki amat menggalakkan.. Pembeli pertama seorang lelaki dari Singapura, dia membayar menggunakan paypal!!!  Sungguh mengejutkan, tak sangka saudara kita dari negara jiran ini mengikuti perkembangan ebook saya ini!

Syukur kepada Allah, lelaki hari ini semunya mahu menjadi insan yang lebih baik dalam agama, kerja, hidup dan CINTA!!  Saya sungguh berbesar hati kerana mereka sudi membeli ebook saya untuk dijadikan bacaan dan seterusnya panduan untuk menjadi lelaki yang hebat!!

Buat saudari2 yang membeli ebook ini, semoga anda dapat menyelam apa sebenarnya masalah yang dihadapi oleh lelaki2 di luar sana, seterusnya meyakinkan dan memberikan anda pandangan jelas tentang ciri-ciri lelaki yang anda idamkan..

Buat anda yang masih belum membeli, cepat2, jangan tunggu lagi, harganya mungkin akan dinaikkan atau saya akan menutup terus jualan ebook panduan cinta untuk lelaki ini!  Jadi, jangan lepaskan peluang!!!  Beli hari ini di www.panduancintalelaki.com!!

Happy Father’s Day..

Salam and hi everybody.. First and foremost, I’d like to wish my beloved daddy & father in law a very Happy Father’s Day.. I love both of you very much, you are my heroes!!  To my beloved husband, I hope Allah answer our prayers soon, for a baby, I love you sweetheart.. Thanks for choosing me to be your queen… To all my uncles, friends, and everybody who is reading this post, happy father’s day!!

What do u have in mind for your heroes today?  I noticed that more attention is given to mothers, but not fathers..  We know that fathers rarely show their emotion, rather than mothers, who usually hug, kiss  and cry to our joy and pain.. Fathers tend to be more firm and strict.  Remember those days when we would do something wrong and mummy warned that they will inform our father what we did, and we spent the rest of the day with fear of being scolded or beaten by the old man?  Remember those days where he will give us a good scold or even hit us with a “rotan” when there are more C and D than A or B in our report card?  Then, do u know that in the middle of the night, he will come into your room, look at you with lots of love and feel guilty for hitting you?  Well, it was all the scolding and hitting that made you a better person.. You think you will be as succesful as you are if it was not because of your father who seems so harsh, hard and fierce in ensuring that you will be a knowledgeable person? You may have hated him for scolding you, pushing you to study and be the best, but the old man knows better.. He just wants you to have a better life than he has…

My friends, your father worked so hard to support your family, to support u, his gem, his gold, his sweetheart.. He worked throughout the day till nite, ignoring his exhaustion, his rest.. Where do u think all the money to buy your milk, diapers, clothes, food and pay school fees comes from?  Yes, it was from the energy. the time that your father spent working to feed you and the family…  But, have you ever thanked him for that? Later, when you finished your school, you left home for your university, the old man have sleepless night thinking how he would have enough money for your registration?  Did you say you appreciate him for doing it?

Fathers may not always say that they love u, but deep down inside, he feels so proud of u.. He talks about you, your success to all his neighbours and friends, awaiting for u to come home and visit him, to know how you are doing, to play with his grandchildren and to spend time with u.. But how many times of the days do u call and ask how he was doing?  How many times in a year do you go and visit him?  Yes, you may have send him money and other necessaries every month, but that is not the thing that he wanted most, all he wanted was you to be there by his side…

Once you finished reading this post, please call you father, just wish him Happy Father’s Day, tell him that you love him, and thankful for everything thay he has done for you.. Make his day, with just a simple call, if you are not able to be there by his side today..   Keep in mind, dont just say you love your dad on father’s day, but every day.. Appreciate and tell him that you care, while you still can…

p/s:- dont forget to wish your father in law as well! 🙂

I love you..

Pertanyaan ini khas untuk para isteri dan para suami.. Dah ucap I love you ke pada pasangan anda hari nih?  Acapkali, dek kerana terkejar2 di waktu pagi, anda terlupa atau memang tidak mengucapkan I love u pada pasangan.. Kalut2 mandi, siap2kan anak, siap2kan diri sendiri, start keta, salam dan bye2.. Bagaimana kalau itu kali terakhir anda melihat pasangan anda?  Katakanlah anda bergaduh, masing2 tak nak mengalah, tak nak bersuara, sampai di ofis, keluar dari kereta dan hempas pintu tanpa ucap apa, tiba2 di waktu tengahari anda dapat panggilan pasangan anda kemalangan dan meninggal??  Nauzubillah, janganlah itu terjadi pada sesiapa.. Namun, ajal dan maut kan di tangan Allah, apa2 sahaja boleh terjadi di tengah jalan.. Waktu malam pun begitu, kalau dah masuk tido, baca bismillah, terus zzzzzzz… Macam mana kalau esok anda bangun dan pasangan anda dah kaku tak bernyawa? 

Kenapa agaknya, waktu bercinta dulu, senang sungguh ucapkan kata2 cinta, I love you tu kalau boleh setiap kali tarik nafas, nak ucapkan pada yang tersayang.. Tapi bila dah kahwin, buat tak endah saja.. Mungkin bila dah kahwin, anda anggap, dia sudah di depan mata, dia dah tahu aku sayang & cinta pada dia, kan kita dah kahwin nih, tak payahlah nak ucap selalu.. Ish.. janganlah fikir cam tuh tuan-tuan & puan-puan..

Sepatutnya, bila dah kahwinlah kita perlu semarakkan lagi hubungan kita.. patutnya bila dah kahwinlah  kita perlu lebih ucapkan I love you pada pasangan, peluk & cium dia dengan penuh kasih sayang setiap hari & hargai dia..

Saya dapati orang melayu rasa macam taboo nak ucapkan I love you pada pasangan.. Alasannya, malu, segan, tak perlu sebab masing2 dah tahu, dan ada yang kata, dah tunjuk dengan perbuatan, tak payah la dengan kata2 pula… Anda salah seorang dari mereka ker?

Tuan-tuan, puan-puan, adik2, abang2, kakak2, saya bukan nak membangga diri, atau bukan nak bagitau yang konon2nya saya contoh isteri terbaik.. Tapi saya pastikan, setiap hari sebelum saya pergi kerja, saya salam suami, cium tangan & pipinya, peluk dia erat2 selama seminit atau lebih dan sambil itu ucapkan I love you padannya.. Suami juga akan melakukan perkara yang sama.. Selepas itu, bila sampai di ofis, saya cium dia sekali lagi dan ucapkan I love you, dan pesan dia agar sms bila sampai di ofisnya.. Padahal, ofis dia cuma 3 minit dari ofis saya..  Bila sampai di ofis, dia akan sms – dah sampai ofis, love u, dan saya akan balas semula, ok, love u too, take care.. Susah sangat ke nak menaip msg yang kurang dari 10 perkataan tuh? 

Waktu malam sebelum tidur pun macam tu juga, kami akan ucap I love you dan kami akan bermaaf-maafan, ye la, manusia kan tak lari dari kesilapan, kot2 la ada buat salah seorang dari kamu berkecil hati, dan saya minta suami redha pada segala yang diberikan pada saya.. Saat bermaafan itu, rasa ringan badan dan kepala, dan saya tahu kalau saya mati dalam tidur, suami dah maaf dan redha pada saya.. Dan kalau suami juga pergi pada malam itu, saya tahu dia cintakan saya dan meredhai segala apa yang saya buat.. 

Kadang2, saya sengaja panggil suami, lepas tuh, bila suami tanya, ada apa, saya akan jawab, saje panggil, I love you yang.. heheheh..

Mungkin anda akan cakap, elehhhh, ko baru kawin setahun, pastu belum ada anak lagik, bolehlah buat benda tuh sume.. Tuan2, Puan2, Adik2, Abang2, Kakak2, kalau tak mula dari awal, memang sampai bila2 lah anda tidak boleh berubah.. Benda cam nih, kena buat dari awal, kena buat hari2, bukan di awal2 perkahwinan saja..

So, saat ini, kalau anda belum ucapkan I love u pada pasangan, call la dia lepas habis baca post saya nih.. Beritahu yang anda sayang dan cintakan dia.. Katakan anda hargai kehadirannya dalam hidup anda.. kalau malu nak cakap, sms @ email saja.. Ya, dia tentu terkejut, tapi lama-kelamaan, dia pun akan buat benda yang sama.. Atau anda berikan sahaja post ini padanya, biar dia baca & dia pun paham.. 

Hargailah pasangan anda.. Buat para isteri, ingat, suami itu tiket anda ke syurga!  Dan buat para suami, isteri itu bagaikan tanah ladang untuk anda, kalau anda bajai & jaga ladang itu dengan baik, ia akan membuahkan hasil yang bagus.. Kalau isteri nampak penat selepas balik kerja, rajin2lah menolong mengemas dan sebagainya, jangan lah sampai di rumah, campak baju, tukar kain pelikat & terbaring depan tv, lepas makan, cuci tangan dan tengok tv lagi.. Kesian pada isteri.. Sudahlah sibuk bekerja di ofis, kemudian berkerja di rumah, lepas tu malamnya dikerjakan oleh anda pula, tapi anda tak menghargai mereka pun.. Sesekali, biar isteri berehat & anda pula yang mengemas, mencuci baju dan memasak.. Baru anda tahu penat lelah isteri melakukan tugas2 di rumah..

Satu lagi, ucapkanlah terima kasih pada pasangan jika mereka telah menolong anda melukan sesuatu..  terima kasih juga membawa erti yang mendalam dan membuatkan pasangan rasa dihargai.. Contohnya, terima kasih masak lauk yang sdang untuk abang atau untuk isteri, boleh ucapkan terima kasih sebab hantar saya ke opis dan sebagainya..

Jadi, mulai hari ini, jangan lupa peluk, cium & ucapkan I love u pada pasangan anda setiap hari yer! 🙂