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Let them say what ever they want to say

pelamin-11I have an uncle who only studied until Year 6, then he quits and worked as a labour.  Now, he owns 3 cars and a bungalow.. All his kids have good jobs, (one of them is an oversea graduate) – a lecturer, a teacher, a banker and a businessman.. How did he manage to have such a good life when he didnt have any certificates?  Simple – he has knowledge about skills.. He is an excellent cook, a gardener – he has green fingers, he knows how to sew curtains, beddings and dresses, he is like a wedding planner – from clothes to make up to dais, he is the men!  You may think he is the soft type but no, you are so wrong. My uncle is a big build macho man, with moustache and beard..   He told me once that he knew he will not achive much if he rely on his academic qualification, so he begun to ask around and learn from a lot of people, especially the old folks on how to be a better person..

As he is a very friendly person, he gets along very well with everybody.   He started by following the old “mak andams” to wedding, and soon he was decorating the dais himslef, and later preparing the bride and groom for the big day.. Soon after, he took a step further when he got married, together with his wife, he cooks for wedding or any special occasions.. I remembered last time when we had the teacher’s exchange programme, he will always cook and later will invite my mother to be the translator.. The foreigners loved the malay delicacies that he cooked and will always look for him if they happen to come again to Malaysia..

Besides having skills that really helps him to earn extra income that was far more better than being a labour, my uncle was also a humble man, always ready to help those in need, and is never reluctant to share his knowledge.. I admit a lot of people had tried to bring him and the business down, but Allah is always helping him to be on success road again.  I believe its because of his sincerity..

Now you may ask why i write about my uncle.. As a young person, I believe that knowledge, skills and our personality blends in together.. Success is something that you can achieve if you are hardwroking and diligent in everything you do.. God will help those people who help themselves.. In my uncle’s case, he is a very determined person, he knows he will get no where if he did not work hard enough, and he was always looking for opportunities and willing to do anything and everything to be successful.. Everything is possible in life.. So, even if you are not a Degree, Masters or PHD holder, you can always be at the top of everything if you believe that you can do it!  Never give up and always look ahead.. People will always find chanches to bring us down emotionally & physically, but do not let yourself be a victim of other people’s envy.. Let them say what ever they want to say, Allah is always with you..  Learn some skills like cooking, baking, sewing or even computer courses.. Believe me, people with these skills make more money than we know…

Till here, remember that success is ours, if we work hard & believe Allah is always with us.. If my uncle, who only studied until standard 6 can do it, so can you! 🙂

p/s:  this is my pelamin (dais) that he made on my wedding on 31.05.09.

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