Happy Father’s Day..

Salam and hi everybody.. First and foremost, I’d like to wish my beloved daddy & father in law a very Happy Father’s Day.. I love both of you very much, you are my heroes!!  To my beloved husband, I hope Allah answer our prayers soon, for a baby, I love you sweetheart.. Thanks for choosing me to be your queen… To all my uncles, friends, and everybody who is reading this post, happy father’s day!!

What do u have in mind for your heroes today?  I noticed that more attention is given to mothers, but not fathers..  We know that fathers rarely show their emotion, rather than mothers, who usually hug, kiss  and cry to our joy and pain.. Fathers tend to be more firm and strict.  Remember those days when we would do something wrong and mummy warned that they will inform our father what we did, and we spent the rest of the day with fear of being scolded or beaten by the old man?  Remember those days where he will give us a good scold or even hit us with a “rotan” when there are more C and D than A or B in our report card?  Then, do u know that in the middle of the night, he will come into your room, look at you with lots of love and feel guilty for hitting you?  Well, it was all the scolding and hitting that made you a better person.. You think you will be as succesful as you are if it was not because of your father who seems so harsh, hard and fierce in ensuring that you will be a knowledgeable person? You may have hated him for scolding you, pushing you to study and be the best, but the old man knows better.. He just wants you to have a better life than he has…

My friends, your father worked so hard to support your family, to support u, his gem, his gold, his sweetheart.. He worked throughout the day till nite, ignoring his exhaustion, his rest.. Where do u think all the money to buy your milk, diapers, clothes, food and pay school fees comes from?  Yes, it was from the energy. the time that your father spent working to feed you and the family…  But, have you ever thanked him for that? Later, when you finished your school, you left home for your university, the old man have sleepless night thinking how he would have enough money for your registration?  Did you say you appreciate him for doing it?

Fathers may not always say that they love u, but deep down inside, he feels so proud of u.. He talks about you, your success to all his neighbours and friends, awaiting for u to come home and visit him, to know how you are doing, to play with his grandchildren and to spend time with u.. But how many times of the days do u call and ask how he was doing?  How many times in a year do you go and visit him?  Yes, you may have send him money and other necessaries every month, but that is not the thing that he wanted most, all he wanted was you to be there by his side…

Once you finished reading this post, please call you father, just wish him Happy Father’s Day, tell him that you love him, and thankful for everything thay he has done for you.. Make his day, with just a simple call, if you are not able to be there by his side today..   Keep in mind, dont just say you love your dad on father’s day, but every day.. Appreciate and tell him that you care, while you still can…

p/s:- dont forget to wish your father in law as well! 🙂

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