16th July, 2009 – Buy Nothing Day!!

Salam and hi every one!

How are you today?  Hope all of you are in the pink of health & doing great!

Just wanna share with you an article that I read in Malay Mail today.  Do you know that there is a day which is announced as Buy Nothing Day?  Surprised? Yeah, me too.. I didnt know there was such a day! Heeheh..

This Buy Nothing Day is actually a consumer awareness campaign organised by the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations as part of the National Consumer Campaign programme, and guess what, this is the 2nd year of such campaign!  Bravoooo!!

The aim of this campaign is to educate consumers to be more prudent in their daily expenditure.  The association hopes to send a clear message to all the consumers that they are capable to spend a day without spending anything!!

Well, how many of us are ready for the challenge??  This will mean tha you CANNOT BUY/PURCHASE ANYTHING ON THE ENTIRE DAY OF 16TH OF JULY!! Come on, we CAN DO IT!! Lets hold hand together and accept the challenge!

Some of you may ask, how will I survive the day without making any purchase?  I still need to eat, drink and have fun!!!!!

Well, dont worry, here are some tips for you:-

1)  Do not take your breakfast, lunch or dinner outside.  Prepare your meal from home.  Make an extra effort to prepare the dish the night before, or you can even wake up earlier to prepare the meal.

2)  Do not have you teh tarik at the usual kopitiam or mamak stall for tea break, bring your own tea bag, or simply make one cup for yourself at the pantry.. Come on, its not that hard!!!

3)  If you need to have some fun, just go and try free sampels at the supermarket, there are variety of stuffs to be tried!

4)  Smoking?  Well, 16th July is a good day to kick off the habit!!

5)  Need to watch a movie?  Just borrow a DVD from a friend and have the comfort of watching it from your couch!

6)  Your friend is having a last minute party that day?  Dont freak, just cook whatever you have at home, try sandwiches or fried meehoon or fried rice!  Its healthy and clean as you know you are the one preparing it!
Well, there are many more ideas that you may think off  just to save a ringgit for the day, just on 16th of July, 2009.. You’ll be amazed on how much you can actually save!! 

Good luck to all of you, including me as well!!

Dont forget to share with me your experience ok! 😉

Have fun!

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