Terkenang Semasa Dulu – Tarian Naga @ Singa

Assallammualaikum & Hi semua!

After a longgggggggg holiday, i bet u guys are so energetic & enthusiastic to come to work, or is it the otherway round? 😉

How did you guys spend your holidays? As for me, we just enjoyed loafing around at The Curve, Paradigm & Mid Valley.. The road was clear, parking was a breeze, and the malls were not packed up as it use to be on normal days.. So we had a nice walking exercise during the CNY holidays.. hehe..

While we were at Mid Valley, there was a lion dance performance.. I was excited, but my boy was damn scared, he was crying and hugging me tightly… I guess it was the loud music coz after the performance ended, he was so happy to see the lion’s head.. haha..


I remembered when i was a little kid, being surrounded by Chinese neighbors back in Bukit China, Melaka, lion dance was a much awaited event. Me, my 4 other cousins will be running towards the Chinese houses once we saw the lorry coming towards the house.. We just enjoyed the firecrackers, the performance, the music and everything about the lion dance.. Most of the time, we end up taking grandma’s kain batik, tied it to a box which we had earlier draw with eyes, nose & mouth which we THINK looks like a lion @ a dragon (kids imagination is too complex to apprehend.. hahaha).. and then with the help of a pail and some sticks that we found around the house, we will act as if we are the lion dance performers! Boy, that time it feel so awesome to be able to do something like that, we just had so much fun!!


I dont know whether my neighbors still invite the lion dancers to their house, as mom had moved to a Malay area in Sungai Rambai, and the house in Bukit China now is occupied by my lovely grandma and my aunty’s family..

Looking back, i really enjoyed myself as a kid, and i hope my son will cherish his childhood as much as i had..

p/s: dont ask me why i’m writing in English today.. no apparent reason, just feel like it.. 😉



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