Assallammualaikum wbt – just one short msg to all my readers: –

Although our thoughts and prayers are continuously for the crews and passengers on board of MH370, please dont forget all the brave pilots, stewards & stewardess of Malaysia Airlines, who are still flying and giving us their best services, hiding their fear and anxiety behind the sweet smile & warm welcome, who hide their tears and keeping it to themselves, trying to be calm in front of all the passengers, although they are surely traumatized by the incident.. And do not forget the worried mothers, fathers, and families of the crews who keep on counting hours and days for their loved ones to return from work.. Let us pray for the safety of all of them & their family..

I wish to thank all pilots and

crews of Malaysia Airlines wherever you are, you all have done a very good job, we are proud of you & we love you so much! –

Iem dalam MAS 2

Iem dalam MAS 3 Iem dalam MAS



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